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Following recruitment of 108 patients from Liverpool and Bolton, WS3 is being extended which would allow for a more definitive evaluation of the effectiveness of Home-MCT. The PATHWAY study will be now be continuing recruitment until 246 patients have been recruited.

Aims of the study

After a heart event, it’s quite common for people to experience low mood, anxiety and/or depression. The cardiac rehab programme has the education and exercise component but doesn’t have anything specifically that helps people deal with some of the thought of feeling they might be having.

The aim of WS3 is to find out if a talking based therapy, which will be delivered using a home based manual along with 3 telephone support calls, is useful in helping people manage more effectively following a cardiac event.

Study design

A single-blind randomised controlled trial with a four month follow up comparing Group-Metacognitive Therapy plus usual CR (intervention group) with usual CR alone (control group).

The study will take place at four NHS sites until 2022. The four sites include Liverpool, Bolton, Pennine and Macclesfield. With 108 patients of 246 recruited.

Further information

More information about our study can also be found at:

UK Clinical Research Network Study Portfolio